Ben Affleck vs. Jennifer Garner for no. 1 and 7 surprises about Friday’s new movies

10.09.14 3 years ago

We're not sure we can remember the last time a husband and wife battled each other for no. 1 at the box office, but it looks like that's whats in store for Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner this weekend.  

Affleck stars in “Gone Girl,” the David Fincher's thriller which has already earned over $48 million in the U.S. and should find somewhere between $20-22 million in its second frame. Garner appears opposite Steve Carell in Disney's “Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day” which is also expected to earn between $20-24 million over the weekend.  For “Girl” it will be the second time it's trying to sneak by a competitor after the 20th Century Fox flick beat “Annabelle” by just $378,000. The other new wide releases may be close, but likely won't be battling for no. 1.

Universal Pictures' “Dracula Untold” is expected to pull in $18-20 million and “The Judge” could make a ruling with around $15 million (or less).  “Addicted” is only in 846 theaters so if it can earn more than $7 million Lionsgate will be happy.  What's most intriguing are the limited bows of “St. Vincent” and “Whiplash,” two well-reviewed flicks that should expand nicely in the coming weeks.  

So, while we ponder what Mr. and Mrs. Affleck may have wagered on the weekend crown (remember Ben loves him some poker), here are seven things about some of Friday's other releases you likely weren't aware of.

“The Judge” is currently Robert Downey, Jr.'s worst reviewed film since 2006's “The Shaggy Dog.”
That means its officially the worst received RDJ flick in the post-“Iron Man” era.  Somewhat scary considering he and his wife, Susan Downey, shepherded it through their production company. Now you know why he's promoting it like crazy. Needs to be a hit.
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“Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day” is 81 minutes long with credits.
Basically, that's under an hour and 18 minutes . That either means a lot of trailers for your kids to sit through or you'll be out of the theater before you know it.
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“Dracula Untold” reportedly cost $100 million.
That's with just Luke Evans as your leading man (i.e., relatively cheap), shooting with tax incentives in Northern Ireland and CG that's good, but not awards-worthy.  Yeah, we don't get it either.
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“Kill The Messenger” isn't even pretending to be an awards movie.
From a distance the Focus Features release looked like it was an awards season player and, in theory, it should have been. Despite solid reviews, however, “Messenger” doesn't have the emotional impact its clearly going for.  That being said, if you're a Jeremy Renner fan it's worth catching at some point.
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“St. Vincent's” Bill Murray took his co-stars on a two-hour lunch during the Toronto Film Festival.
Bill Murray is notorious for doing this on his schedule.  During a tightly scheduled day of press at the Toronto Film Festival — the only major TV day for the movie — Murray stunned the press and publicists on hand by arriving relatively on time for his morning TV interviews.  The afternoon? That was another story.  Murray decided to take the entire cast including Melissa McCarthy, Chris O'Dowd, Naomi Watts and young Jaeden Lieberher to lunch a half hour away from the hotel where interviews were taking place. Two hours later they returned.  Murray sat for an HFPA press conference and then he decided it was time to go (the HFPA might make me want to leave too). Some press who had waited hours to interview him were furious, but what were they thinking?  No one knew if Murray was even going to show up for Bill Murray day at the festival in the first place!  Just add it to the growing list of Murray stories that define him as one of the movie business' singular real-life characters.
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“Whiplash” is the best reviewed new release this weekend.
The Miles Teller and J.K. Simmons flick won both the grand jury and audience awards for best drama at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival in January.  It currently has a superb 88 grade on Metacritic and noteworthy 96% on Rotten Tomatoes. How high is that? Only 12 films have higher ratings on Rotten Tomatoes so far this year.  Might want to see it, huh?
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“One Chance” was already released in the UK…almost a year ago.
Yes, you could have caught the James Corden as Paul Potts feel good drama on any transatlantic flight since, oh, February or watched the entire movie on Yahoo Screen this week. Yes, The Weinstein Company put the entire film online for free before releasing it in 43 theaters to try and drum up interest.  Words fail us.

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