Watch: Beyonce reveals Blue Ivy’s ultrasound in new documentary trailer

01.14.13 5 years ago

Beyonce wants us to know that she”s “a human being. I cry. I get scared. I get nervous, just like anyone else.”

In the trailer for her new HBO documentary, “Life Is But A Dream,” her voice over hints at how difficult it is to be Beyonce and that her struggles to balance a commercial life with her artistic vision: “I always battle with how much do I reveal about myself…how do I stay current. How do I stay soulful,” she asks.

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She comes across as honest, but certainly less than humble in the 90-second clip. The clip also reveals the ultrasound for little Blue Ivy and her burgeoning belly, and her difficulty with fitting into the tight costumes, presumably before she was ready to announce her pregnancy.

As far as how much to “reveal herself,” it”s clear from the current GQ cover, which features a very scantily-clad Beyonce, that she figured that one out. Yes, she looks fabulous, but am I the only one who”s bothered by the fact that she felt compelled to basically strip for a photo to remind us how seriously she wants to be taken as a music artist and performer?

I”m a Beyonce fan, but this trailer did nothing to make me want to watch her documentary. And while we”re at it, when you direct your own life story, that”s not really a documentary. That”s an infomercial of how you”d like for us to see your life.

While she claims at the end, “you”re playing a part in a much bigger show, and that”s what life is,” so far the clips look like it”s Beyonce”s world and the rest of us live in it.

“Life is But A Dream” premieres on Feb. 16 on HBO.

And while you”re at it, don”t forget to watch Beyonce perform during the Super Bowl halftime on Feb. 3. Her set will include a Destiny”s Child reunion.

Hear the group’s new song, “Nuclear,” here.

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