‘Big Brother’ recap: Will the power of veto shake up the game?

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So, Wil and Joe are on the block, and really, anything could happen. Someone could get backdoored (or at least that’s what Dan keeps yapping about), Joe could lose his mind and smash in all the hamsters’ heads while they’re sleeping (can’t rule it out), or Boogie could keel over from a heart attack or some age-related disease and throw off the game completely. So, let’s get to it!

Wil is vowing revenge on Frank and Boogie, as he knows he’s the target. I’m glad Wil realizes this, but I also don’t understand why he didn’t just lie to them about who he’d toss up on the block while he had the chance. Anyway, Joe is going to work on the house guests, so pack a lunch, America! I hope this means he’s strategizing and doesn’t actually want to harm anyone.

Dan yells at us in the interview room. Is he happy not to be on the block? YES. Does he trust Boogie and Frank? NO.

Boogie and Frank get together to plot and scheme. Boogie thinks it’s time to make Joe a loyal pet. His exact phrase, by the way. I really wish Boogie had a mustache to twirl, because it would make perfect sense.

The game is afoot, as Wil and Joe are now running around in earnest trying to save themselves. Frank tells Joe he isn’t the target, and he just needs to keep his cool. “Don’t stir the pot too much!” Unfortunately, I think Joe is physically incapable of leaving a pot unstirred. According to Frank, Joe is like a drunk girl at prom. She’s gonna make a mess, but just make sure she doesn’t throw up on your shoes.

In the interview room, Boogie informs us that he loves to tell people they’re safe — and then kick them to the curb! He thus tells Wil he’s safe. Wil doesn’t believe him for a second.

Everyone finds sheets to crawl under in order to facilitate chit chat. Britney talks to Shane about his situation with Danielle. He thinks Danielle likes him more than he likes her. He don’t need no stinkin’ showmance! Wow, I hadn’t hated Shane right until… this minute. I understand Danielle comes on a little strong, but it wouldn’t kill him to be honest with her — or at the very least, not to discuss their non-relationship with other people.

Anyway, Britney tells Shane she doesn’t trust Frank and Boogie. She thinks they could target Shane. Well, duh.

Time for the final run of Frank’s spiritard. He does a little cheer, then strips down to his shorts and jumps in the pool. Sorry to see it go, as Frank looked pretty good in it.

Ashley’s still in pain due to her bad back. Wil wishes she felt better. She’ll try to play for POV if she can! But Wil can’t risk her being injured further. I think Ashley is almost useless whether or not she has a bad back, truthfully.

Wil is thinking strategically, so he tells Danielle a secret. Or four. He was a teeny bop star! He toured with big stars! And he went to an all-boys Catholic school, which was hell! They poured Coke on his books! He hated it so much, he saw music as his ticket out! Danielle is so touched he’s talking to her about his life! He doesn’t deserve to go home! Now she knows two gay people! It’s blowing Danielle’s mind!

Time to pick names to play for the veto. Frank, Wil and Joe will be playing, of course, and drawing names for the rest of the players. Shane will be playing. Jenn will play. Joe pulls houseguest choice. He chooses… Ashley. Wil thinks Joe is being selfish, as anyone can see she’s in pain. Wil picks a chip, and it’s Boogie. Of course it is, because Wil has terrible luck and Boogie likes to be a big, loud pain during competitions. Finally, Frank chooses Ian as the host.

Dan is very disappointed he didn’t get to play. He has no idea what might happen. He could get back doored! HE MIGHT HAVE TO SAY THAT LOUDLY! AGAIN!

The Zingbot is here! He tells Ashley her smile lights up the room, but it’s the only thing about her that’s bright. Shane’s five-year-old niece called, and she wants her pink tank top back. Shane likes it! It goes with his tan! The Zingbot teases Britney about losing to The Brigade. He teases Boogie for being old. Zingbot gives Ian a hard time for not having chemistry with the ladies. Jenn gets a tattoo joke. Frank gets a joke about his hair. He doesn’t know who Little Orphan Annie is, because he’s not as old as Boogie. Frank makes a zing! Oooh, Danielle gets a restraining order joke about Shane. Jenn notes that her joke was the worst, and she is not wrong. Danielle hates the Zingbot.

Oh, it’s time for the veto competition. It’s Zinbot themed, of course. Or, as Britney explains, it looks like where you’d go to do Inspector Gadget’s plumbing. The hamsters must bring Baby Zingbot to life. Built a pipeline and move a ball around and all this crap.

Ashley can’t figure it out. It’s, like, hard. Boogie has Ian coach him on how to put his pipes together. Wil is totally annoyed by the noise. Frank is in the lead, I think. And yes, he wins it. Baby Zingbot comes out and presents him with the veto medallion. Ashley’s so excited, because it’s a baby! It’s probably a little person in a suit. Relax, Ashley.

Dan is worried and YELLS THAT HE COULD BE BACK DOORED. Does he know there’s a microphone in the interview room? Shane is worried he could get back doored. This all sounds like a euphemism for something much worse, but I’ll leave it at that.

Dan and Britney wonder if there’s going to be a big move. Wil thinks Frank should make a big move and oust Shane or Dan. Wil wonders if he should suggest this to Frank. Wil and Ashley go talk to Frank. Frank doesn’t want to take a swing and miss. Wil and Ashley don’t seem to know Boogie is next door, but he’s sleeping, so big whoop. Frank doesn’t commit, but doesn’t say no, either.

Britney sends Ian upstairs to find out what’s going on with Frank after he talks to Wil. Frank admits to Ian he’s thinking it’s time to toss out Dan. Ian thinks this is a huge can of worms. He suggest Frank play it safe.

Ian dutifully reports back to Britney and Danielle. He tells them to keep their fingers crossed for the Quack Pack. Britney is horrified she’s in something called the Quack Pack. Britney also says they can’t trust Frank. After all, he goes out with his hair like that in public.

Frank talks to Boogie yet again about Dan. Boogie thinks it’s too soon. He’d be completely destroying the alliance!

Time for Frank to announce what he’s decided to do. He’s… not going to use the veto. So, basically an entire episode wasted. Frank says it’s just not time for him to send Dan home. Although I hate that Boogie has so much control over Frank, I can’t say this was a wrong decision. Yes, Dan is a tough competitor. This might have been his best chance to oust him. But knocking off floaters isn’t a bad move, either. And this house is full of them. I think Frank is formidable enough that he’ll get another chance to oust Dan. As Ian notes, fingers crossed.

Do you think Frank made the right move? Do you think Wil or Joe needs to go? And do you think Frank needs to free himself of Boogie’s control?

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