Bill Pullman gets presidential again for NBC’s ‘1600 Penn’

02.25.12 6 years ago

Chris Pizzello/AP

One of our most beloved big screen presidents is looking to return to the White House on the small screen.
According to a variety of media reports — we’ll cite — Bill Pullman has been cast as the President of the United States in NBC’s comedy pilot “1600 Penn,” which Wesley Snipes taught us years ago is an address that changes all of the rules.
The pilot comes from Josh Gad, former White House speechwriter Jon Lovett and “Modern Family” helmer Jason Winer.
In the single-camera project, Pullman will play the president, with Brittany Snow newly added as his perfectionist daughter and Gad previously set as his bumbling son. 
Although he’s best known for films like “Independence Day” (his previous presidential turn) and “While You Were Sleeping,” Pullman has been making an aggressive TV push in recent years. In addition to his leading roles in NBC’s “Revelations” and Starz’s “Torchwood: Miracle Day,” Pullman also did the comedy pilot ‘Nathan vs. Nurture,” also for NBC.

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