Blake Shelton’s hot new video, ‘Doin’ What She Likes’

02.14.14 4 years ago 3 Comments

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In his new video for “Doin” What She Likes,” Blake Shelton shows why romantic gestures, while always appreciated, can sometimes go terribly wrong.

Shelton decides to give his wife, Miranda Lambert, who chimes in via phone, a perfect romantic evening. He gets home early, fixes the drinks, even starts to make homemade bread (yeah, even the dog finds that idea funny). He pours a bubble bath, throws around rose petals, and lights a few candles.

Since it is famous cut-up and macho man Shelton, things then start to go a little awry. Well, actually, a lot awry. While he”s busy being romantic tossing more rose petals everywhere, the bathroom curtains catch on fire and soon the whole house is going up in flames.

Shelton stays calm as the firemen arrive and just arranges to meet Lambert at a restaurant instead. Why ruin her good mood?  It’s all fine and good to have him go to all this trouble for Lambert, but the video would have been much funnier if he’d done a version called ” Doin’ What He Likes” that played up his bromance with fellow  “The Voice” mentor Adam Levine.

The tune, which is in the top 10 on Billboard”s Country Airplay chart, is from Shelton”s current album, “Based On A True Story.”

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