Blake Shelton’s NBC tornado relief concert will air on Wednesday

05.24.13 5 years ago

Blake Shelton’s NBC tornado relief concert will air on Wednesday
“Healing in the Heartland: Relief Benefit Concert” will air live from Oklahoma City.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie confronts Snooki
At a Jersey Shore event this morning, the “Jersey Shore” star said the governor told her that she was bad for Jersey.

Watch a preview of Jimmy Fallon’s “Game of Thrones” parody

Looks like “Game of Desks” was filmed partially on the roof of 30 Rock. UPDATE: Watch the full “Game of Desks.”

“Scandal’s” Kerry Washington appears on stage with the real First Lady

Michelle Obama didn’t mention Olivia Pope’s affair with the fake president, but she did call Washington a “a big-time star right now. Big time. I mean, there is no bigger star right now than Kerry. It”s just true. It”s a fact.”

Fox losing its reality TV mastermind
Mike Darnell, who is responsible for everything from “American Idol” to “Does Someone Have to Go?” to “Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire?, is exiting after 18 years at Fox.

CW schedules unaired “Cult” episodes
The six remaining episodes will air in two-hour blocks, starting June 28.

Why “Game of Thrones” is TV’s best show about politics
“One reason GoT is so bracingly different from other pop-culture fantasy stories,” says James Poniewozik, “is how it combines the fantastical with the realistic-in this case, realistic attention to the way power is gained, maintained, and exercised.” PLUS: Gwendoline Christie talks Brienne.

Mark Burnett: “The Voice’s” kindness is the reason it beat “Idol” this season
“It’s a kinder show” with coaches who are “very, very current,” says the reality TV honcho.

How a former “Big Bang Theory” hater became a “Big Bang Theory” lover
Until a year and a half ago, Rob Hoerburger says he was guilty of “critical elitism.”

“Duck Dynasty” merchandise coming to stores, in time for Father’s Day
Greeting cards and cigars are among the “Duck” merchandise for sale.

Why Hustler’s “Girls” porn film is an attack, not a parody

“Girls” already parodies and subverts the pornographic fantasy of context-free sex, says Amanda Marcotte.

Does “Mad Men” have a problem with its women?

This season, says Melissa Maerz, “the female characters fall a little too neatly into the mother/whore spectrum – and sometimes it”s hard to tell if that”s just the way Don sees them, or if that”s the vision of the show itself.” PLUS: Elisabeth Moss addresses Jon Hamm’s junk.

Check out ’80s Amy Poehler in “Hart to Hart” remake

And here’s the ’80s Adam Scott from “The Greatest Event in Television History.”

In praise of TV sex
Sex on TV is more complex than the sex you see in film.

“Smash”: Where did it go wrong?
The troubled NBC drama ends its run this weekend. PLUS: 8 things to miss about “Smash.”

Steven Soderbergh not retiring — he’s moving to TV
After his HBO Liberace movie, the acclaimed film director has several TV projects in the works.

Howard Stern demanded that Katie Couric wear a dress when she interviewed him

But Katie, whose one-hour interview with the shock jock airs Tuesday, refused to change from her pants.

Shonda Rhimes offers summer viewing suggestions for her “Gladiators”
She says to try “State of Play” (the UK miniseries, not the movie), plus “The West Wing.”

The most impressive thing about “Behind the Candelabra” is that it’s not campy
The Steven Soderbergh film about Liberace presents him and his lover as people, not stereotypes, says Willa Paskin. “The movie is not a sitcom,” she says, “but even when the subjects are anal sex, plastic surgery or drugs it is intentionally domestic and grounded. Many more scenes than you would expect are calm, almost dull.” PLUS: It’s a frank and funny movie, “Candelabra” holds Liberace at arm’s length with tongs, and how real is the story?

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