Bob Odenkirk and David Cross reunite for Netflix

04.02.15 3 years ago

Here's everything you need to know to feel like you're living a worthwhile life: Bob Odenkirk and David Cross, legends from the '90s cult hit “Mr. Show,” are reuniting for four episodes of a Netflix series. According to Deadline, the premise of the new series “With Bob and David” centers on the two comics “being dishonorably discharged from the Navy SEAL… and serving our country the way they do best: making sketch comedy.”

I'm screaming. And now I'm hyperventilating. And now coworkers are forcing me into a chair. 

But hey: What's the best “Mr. Show” clip of all time? My vote is after the jump.

This is the best “Mr. Show” clip, of course.

Oh, Sarah Silverman. Your disability is our strength! 

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