Breaking: Amanda Bynes is the Blair Witch

05.24.13 5 years ago

In her latest bit of James Franco-level performance art, the always bizarre Amanda Bynes was arrested in New York last night after she threw a bong out her apartment window. You know, one of those heavy glass things that easily could have killed a person had the incident not occurred in the sparsely populated area of Manhattan? For me, though, the biggest shock came from looking at the photos of Amanda being led from her home with a mass of knotted white-blonde hair covering her face and seeing the manifestation of what I’ve always imagined the Blair Witch to look like. (Yes, in my mind, the Blair Witch is just a slightly older and more disheveled Geddy Lee.)

Also? My favorite bit of media coverage about the incident is this lovely gem via E!: “Her hands were handcuffed as she stepped out in a long-sleeved black Versace shirt, gray sweatpants and high-tops.” As if girls across the nation will be running out to get the Amanda Bynes bong-arrest look while it’s still hot. I mean, it’s still festival-wear season!

Or wait, hang on! Maybe she’s Miss Piggy?

(Photos via People)

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