Watch: ‘Breaking Bad’ reimagined in the style of a 1960s ‘Batman’ cartoon is a must-see, yo

08.08.13 4 years ago


Ready for some seriously twisted onomatopoeia, everybody? Look no further than this three-minute cartoon that pairs the perverse world of “Breaking Bad” with the look and sensibility of a 1960s-era “Batman” cartoon. In addition to the gloriously depraved Heisenberg and his trusty sidekick “Pink Man” (“We’ve walked right into a trap, bitch!”), those familiar with the show will spot many of their favorite characters here, including “Heroin Girl,” “The Chemist” and “The Mastermind” – all of whom are summarily dispatched in exactly the same fashion as they are on the regular show, only with more terrible puns this time. Also, Jane choking to death on her own vomit is way, way funnier than it was the first time.

(via Cinefix)

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