Canceled ‘Wonderland’ star is headed to ‘Once Upon a Time’

04.01.14 3 years ago

Canceled “Wonderland” star is headed to “Once Upon a Time”
Michael Socha, The Knave of Hearts, will become a series regular next season if “Once” is renewed.

Does “HIMYM” finale ruin the entire series?
No way, says  Todd VanDerWerff, who adds: “Any TV show worth its salt understands that the age of endless Internet chatter about TV series overvalues endings in the grand scheme of things. The pleasure – particularly in a sitcom – is all in the journey….Though the finale can”t invalidate the pleasures of the show”s run-particularly its first four years and substantial portions of seasons five through seven-it does create the impression that the series” creators were telling a vastly different story from the one they seemed to be, and it provides the ending for a story that much of the audience wasn”t aware it was even supposed to be watching. Does it ruin the show? No. But it”ll make it play more strangely in syndicated reruns.” PLUS: Fans vented their anger on Twitter, how to cope with a disappointing finale, Cobie Smulders posts her view of the final scene, what do the kids look like now?, the ending was perfect if you stopped watching the show, Lily and Marshall were TV's best couple, TV finales will inevitably disappoint, and this finale shouldn't affect “How I Met Your Dad.”

Discovery Channel order the “Hunger Games”-esque “Survival Live”
Eight contestants will compete for six weeks in the wilderness, and viewers will be able to watch them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Discovery promises “viewers will play a large role in each survivalist”s success or failure.”

“#CancelColbert” campaign creator admits she doesn't want Colbert canceled
“I like the show,” said Twitter activist Suey Park, in an interview with the New Yorker, which adds: “Instead, she said, she saw the hashtag as a way to critique white liberals who use forms of racial humor to mock more blatant forms of racism.” PLUS: Twitter co-founder helps Colbert destroy @colbertreport.

“The Blacklist's” problem: The show is dead without Red
The NBC drama has failed to develop any of the other characters.

Introducing the “Girl Meets World” cast
Check out the official cast portrait.

UK viewers may get to watch “Mad Men's” season premiere simulcast in the middle of the night
The “Game of Thrones” premiere is airing at 2 am in Britain, and “Mad Men” might do the same for its UK viewers.

Kevin Hart's ABC comedy pilot gets shaken up
Romany Malco's girlfriend on the pilot, Amber Stevens, is being replaced by “Army Wives” vet Ryan Michelle Bathe.

A&E orders a reality show following the winners of the Doritos Super Bowl ad contest
“The Herbert Brothers” will follow the five brothers who helped launch the No. 1 Super Bowl commercial.

“Game of Thrones” inspires a “Musical”
Watch Jon Snow, Daenerys, Sansa Stark and Cersei Lannister sing! PLUS: Peter Dinklage says an “enormous guy” confiscates cell phones on “Game of Thrones” set.

Jimmy Fallon is live-streaming the Ford dealers competing to sell him an F-150
The hands on the care stunt has been going on aboard an aircraft carrier for more than half a day.

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