16 celebrities turned into hilariously bad ‘Animorphs’ covers


”Animorphs” occupies a very special place in collective 90s kids nostalgia. Along with “Goosebumps,” “Sweet Valley High,” and “The Babysitters Club,” this series of books about five human teenagers and an alien who could turn into a menagerie of animals were devoured religiously in a time before* Harry Potter.

*Actually there was some overlap.

The covers for “Animorphs” utilized cutting edge 1990s photoshop technology. Which of course means nowadays they are laughably dated and ripe for being mocked by the Internet. As usual, the Internet does not disappoint.

#1: Professor Oak is always throwing up obstacles.

After the jump, see some of the most absurd celebrity transformations and ask yourself, out of all the crazy things getting reboots…what not “Animorphs”??

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