Check out an exclusive look back at Magneto as ‘X-Men’ invades San Diego

07.08.15 2 years ago

As we make our way south to Comic-Con, one of the big questions is “what are we going to see?”

It's safe to assume that there's going to be a big emphasis on all things “X-Men” at the Fox panel that closes out the programming on Saturday. It would be great if they brought some footage from “X-Men: Apocalypse,” and maybe we'll learn some details about the final Wolverine movie as well.

One thing we know for sure will be presented will be “X-Men: Days Of Future Past – The Rogue Cut,” which is Bryan Singer's alternative cut of the movie. It doesn't sound like this is a director's cut in the traditional sense, but simply a different way things could have worked. While the film won't be available for purchase on digital HD, Blu-ray and DVD until July 14th, anyone at Comic-Con will be able to pick it up early at the Fox Booth (#4229) and at the “Rogue Cut” booth at Nerd HQ. If you buy the film, you'll also get two tickets to one of the four simultaneous screenings they'll be having of the film during the Con.

Comic-Con attendees who purchase the film in either of those locations will be able to pick up a limited edition lithograph as well, celebrating 15 years of X-Men films. For those who aren't in San Diego, Fox has created a set of videos highlighting some of your favorite X-Men's most memorable moments.

We're pleased to share the “Magneto” video with you, and I think out of all of the various characters that the films have tackled so far, filmmakers have had the most fun with Magneto. Ian McKellan's performance as the character isn't what I would have ever imagined from reading the comics, but it was the perfect counterpoint to the work that Patrick Stewart did. Michael Fassbender turned out to be inspired casting as the younger version of the character, and I could have watched an entire film of nothing but him hunting down and killing Nazis.

If you do go to the screening, I'd love to hear what you think of it, and I'm curious to see just how different this cut really is.

Use #RogueCut and follow @FoxHomeEnt / @XMenMovies on Twitter throughout the convention for updates and additional news.

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