Chris Martin plays an amiable Pied Piper in Coldplay’s new ‘A Sky Full of Stars’ video: Watch

06.19.14 4 years ago

Chris Martin is a one-man band at the start of the video for “A Sky Full of Stars,”  but he”s far from alone. And by the time the song, the poppiest entry on  the British band”s new set, “Ghost Stories,” ends he has lots of new friends for his adventures.

In the “Pied Piper” themed clip, Martin strolls through the streets of Sydney and picks up his band mates and and fellow travelers along the way until he is leading a variable parade through the streets full of colorful umbrellas, balloons and confetti.

It”s a simple, fun video that brings even more lightness to the song. Can we talk for a minute about the gun show that Martin brings? Who knew? As he parades around in a wife beater, he”s showing off some serious biceps. Plus, with the harmonica around his neck, an acoustic guitar, and a goofy grin, he almost evokes a Springsteen-like vibe.

The band played Sydney tonight (where they were joined by Kylie Minogue)  and has two U.K. dates on its July schedule.

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