Chris Pratt just wants to take a nice ‘Jurassic World’ photo, but Velociraptor is a ham

12.17.14 3 years ago

The more we get to know about upcoming requel (reboot+sequel) “Jurassic World,” the more it looks like Chris Pratt”s character has a working relationship with a herd of Clever Girls™. The most recent and damning evidence? This photo, released by director Colin Trevorrow.

Straight from the editing room:

Image Credit: Twitter

Does this or does this not look like the poster to a buddy cop movie, with Pratt playing the straight man? He just wants to get the job done, but no. Clever Girl™ has to turn everything into a melodramatic production. They were only supposed to INVESTIGATE the crime scene, not eat the evidence!

Or, maybe this is a date? Perhaps one of the Clever Girls™ is getting married!!

Find out whether man and velociraptor have learned to work in tandem, or the girls are just biding their time to double-cross Pratt on June 12, 2015.

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