‘Guardians’ star Chris Pratt on becoming Hollywood’s newest action figure

07.21.14 3 years ago 2 Comments

When we spoke to Chris Pratt on the set of Marvel's newest film, “Guardians Of The Galaxy,” he seemed unsure what to think of the idea of him becoming an in-demand action hero.

I hope he's gotten used to it, because it's happening. No doubt about it.

He just wrapped work on “Jurassic World,” and he's going to be heading into the final season of “Parks and Recreation” just as everyone starts losing their damn fool minds over how good he is in “Guardians.” He was in fine form Sunday as the press assembled at Disney to discuss his work on the film. When he walked through the room where everyone was waiting, he was singing an alternate take on the “Everything Is Awesome” song from “The LEGO Movie,” and as he walked down another hallway, he was in character as the President delivering a speech from “The West Wing.”

Basically, Pratt's in about as good a mood as he can be right now, and for good reason. There was a day when I was on set for “Knocked Up” and they brought some posters for Seth Rogen to check out. Watching him grapple with his own face, blown up to poster size, he seemed taken aback by it at first. Pratt seems like he's in the same place right now as he looks at the action figures that they're making for this film, and we talked a little bit about how strange a feeling it is to hear your own voice come out of a toy.

Pratt's done great work in several films, and he's genuinely laugh-out-loud funny on “Parks” every week. But the difference between doing very good work and being a huge movie star is pretty severe, and I'd argue that by the end of the opening title sequence in “Guardians,” Pratt's made the jump. You'll see. He is amazing in the film, which I'll be able to discuss more in the days ahead, but it's safe to say a big part of the review is going to be about how he owns a movie that is made up almost entirely of people stealing scenes from one another.

“Guardians Of The Galaxy” opens in theaters everywhere August 1st.

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