Colin Farrell and Kate Beckinsale kick ass in 5 new ‘Total Recall’ clips

07.28.12 5 years ago

For fans curious to see more of the upcoming “Total Recall” remake, Columbia has released five new clips in which Colin Farrell, Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel get to kick some ass. 

Len Wiseman (the “Underworld” films) directed the remake of Paul Verhoeven’s ultra-violent comic sci-fi epic starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

In the film, Douglas Quaid (Farrell) longs to escape his humdrum life by visiting Rekall, where they implant phony memories in customers’ brains. There, his dormant skills as a highly-trained spy are accidentally activated, sending him on the run from crooked government operatives in a futuristic cityscape (unlike the 1990 version, this one takes place on Earth not Mars).

In the first clip (above), the seemingly ordinary Quaid takes on an army…somehow. That’s John Cho (“Star Trek”) sporting a new blonde hairdo.

The lovely Beckinsale (conveniently married to Wiseman in tea life) plays Quaid’s wife, Lori.

Lori has a secret:

That secret is that she works for “Breaking Bad’s” Bryan Cranston, and is assigned with taking out Quaid.

This clip gives away what looks like one of the new film’s best gags for fans of the original version. Wiseman and his effects crew put a new spin on the airport security scene from the 1990 version (“Twoooo weeeeeks”).  

Lastly, we get a look at the sexy Biel as Melina, a rebel fighter who comes to the aid of Quaid, and may have a history with him. Some girl-on-girl action leads to Quaid and Melina escaping into some sort of horizontal elevator shaft. Beckinsale also has a bunch of stormtroopers on her team. Still, I miss Michael Ironside.

“Total Recall” opens August 3.

Are you excited for the new “Total Recall”? 

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