Conan Plays ‘Street Fighter’ on the Biggest TV Screen Ever

04.10.14 3 years ago

This morning I heard Ryan Seacrest interview Conan O'Brien and inquire about his chances for taking Letterman's spot at CBS.

Welp. Two hours later, CBS confirmed that Stephen Colbert was the official replacement, so I'm feeling sympathetic towards ol' Cone Bone.

Luckily he has a new “Clueless Gamer” segment with more than one laugh-out-loud moment. Let's enjoy. Conan went to AT&T Stadium for some gaming, and after he finished playing that creepy “Flower” game, he took on “Street Fighter,” the greatest video game of all time. I was surprised to see him choose Ken, frankly, but his line about Ryu's buddy is damn funny.

For the record: Chun-Li is the definitive Street Fighter. She can jump off of walls even when there aren't walls there. 

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