CulturePop No. 41 – ‘How I Met Your Mother”s Andy Gowan, Lady Gaga

and 03.19.14 4 years ago


This week Melinda and I got a chance to talk to Andy Gowan, the music supervisor for “How I Met Your Mother” and other shows, and of course we had to ask about the very last song we'll hear on the show — and some of the rumors floating around about what we'll see in the finale. We're only human.

Whether or not you can find clues in what Andy had to say, we think he had some fascinating things to say about the show and about music supervising in general. We also had some fun talking about Lady Gaga's performance at SXSW, “The Bachelor” finale, and “The Private Lives of Nashville Wives.” Thanks for tuning in! 

:55 Lady Gaga's debacle at SXSW
4:55 SXSW has become corporate, but hasn't everything? 
6:10 Has Lady Gaga lost her way? Melinda thinks so. 
9:50 The Bachelor backlash
14:2O We're getting closer to “Hunger Games,” yo
16:50 “The Private Lives of Nashville Wives”
21:00 Andy Gowan joins us
21:30 What he'll miss the most — the on-set family
23:25 Finding the final song for the finale – hints!
27:00 Fielding suggestions for the show
29:20 He has one heck of an iTunes catalog
31:00 Getting well-known songs like “Jersey Girl”
33:10 Bruce Springsteen is okay with TV shows
34:05 Songs he couldn't get
36:08 Why artists are more open to placing songs on TV shows now than ever
39:05 Getting Bob Seger on the phone
44:15 Talking about “the mother dies in the end” rumor

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