‘Dead Story’ Is The Chilling Toy Story/Walking Dead Mash-Up You Didn’t Know You Wanted


Dale Meaney

When Season Three of ‘The Walking Dead’ premiered in October of 2012, a few people noticed there were some striking similarities between the gory AMC show and beloved children’s trilogy ‘Toy Story.’ Plot elements from previous seasons of the zombie drama – which separately could be taken as happenstance – began to coalesce into a disturbing symmetry. Enter Dale Meaney, with his superior editing skills, to layer audio from ‘The Walking Dead’ over scenes from ‘Toy Story 3’ to hammer home the parallels.

There is also the undeniable fact that The Governor and Lots-O-Huggin’ Bear are literally the same person with their southern accents and running of idyllic towns hiding dark secrets.

Still not convinced? Well Dale Meany was merely extrapolating on findings of JimmyLegs50 who gave an extensive visual essay on why these two universes were parallel going all the way back to the very first episode. Some highlights include:

Woody and Rick are the same person.

And they’re both leading survival groups.

Reiterating…Huggin’ is the Governor in a fur suit.

And both Woodbury and day care centers are equally ominous.

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