Diggle from ‘Arrow’ will fight King Shark on ‘The Flash’

01.06.16 2 years ago

“Arrow” and “The Flash” typically do crossover episodes once a year, but occasionally they'll do one-off episodes where one character will venture to Central City or Star City to investigate a case.

Earlier today, “The Flash” showrunner Andrew Kreisberg announced that a character crossover would happen on episode 15. The announcement, which first appeared on Comicbook.com, stated that John Diggle (David Ramsey) and Lyla Diggle (Audrey Marie Anderson) will be called to Central City to track down the Earth-2 villain King Shark. 

King Shark first appeared on “The Flash” episode 2.4 “Fury of Firestorm”. King Shark is a metahuman sent by Zoom from Earth-2 to kill Barry Allen. In the episode, King Shark captured Barry, but he was thwarted when Parry Spivot and Harrison Wells shot him. According to Kreisberg, King Shark has been held in an A.R.G.U.S. prison until episode 15 when he will escape. John and Lyla Diggle will be called in to track King Shark down. 

Originally King Shark was only supposed to be in one episode of “The Flash” as his VFX work was very expensive to create. Apparently the show got such a positive response from his appearance they decided to bring him back. What's great about King Shark returning is that it introduces a way for Diggle to venture away from Star City for an episode and do something pretty crazy: take on a shark!

Check out the VFX breakdown of King Shark in the video below:

“The Flash” returns January 19 at 8/9C on The CW. 

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