Does the trailer for ABC’s ‘Selfie’ make you want to hit the like button?

05.13.14 4 years ago 4 Comments


My initial reaction to the concept of ABC's new sitcom “Selfie” was a snarky expression (maybe one of those colon capital P emoticons) and possibly a GIF of a cat rolling its eyes. The show is a riff on “My Fair Lady,” but in this version Eliza is “instafamous” and wants to find out how she can function in the real world! After seeing the trailer, I'm feeling more colon backslash. This could be a fun, light way to spend thirty minutes, or it could be the worst kind of romcom. The only way to know for sure is to watch. 

In the plus column, we have two intensely likable stars — Karen Gillan (beloved by “Doctor Who” fans everywhere) and John Cho (many more things, but always “Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle”). While we get the sense there's a love match afoot, they aren't an obvious pairing (if there's a scene in which Eliza gives up her super high heels for love, I will throw a remote at my television). Personally, I'm willing to tune into this show simply based on these two stars. Gillan gets extra points for seeming to nail the American accent. 

Still, there are warning signs. Puke jokes. That title. A romantic moment in the rain (seriously Hollywood, we don't need moisture to convey yearning). We see a lot of hashtags (those might just be for the trailer, but still). Still, Karen Gillan! John Chu! The comedy we do see is cute enough, and there's some notable chemistry between the leads. Still, what do you think? 

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