Every Awesome Thing Tilda Swinton Said in Her Reddit AMA

06.30.14 3 years ago

I hope you came here already knowing Tilda Swinton is perhaps the definitive bad-ass movie star. What hasn't she done? Who hasn't she played? When haven't we been stunned by her commitment, coolness, and ferocious ebullience? There is no adequate parallel to Tilda Swinton, unless you count a photo-negative of Grace Jones. 

The Oscar-winning actress conducted an “Ask Me Anything” Reddit forum where she kept on being awesome. Here are all the awesome thing she said.

1. She listed her favorite comedians:


2. She compared moviemaking to summer camp.

“Working with both Jim Jarmusch and Wes Anderson is like the summer camp of dreams.. with significant themic differences.. Wes Camp means all staying in a big house together and eating round one big table every night, none of that trailer stuff that big movies do, which tends to divide people out and make for lonely days (so I hear).. Jim Camp is rock n' roll camp, nocturnal, super mellow, like the endless morning after a crash-out sleep-over when noone really wants to go home..”


3. She responded this way when asked if she'd ever walked in on George Clooney wearing the batsuit.

“I'm holding onto a large stash of Polaroids..”

4. She finally commented on the theory that she is a clone of David Bowie:

“The laboratory gave me strict instructions to issue no comment.”

5. She admitted that she and Brad Pitt messed with David Fincher:

The time when Fincher failed to notice that BP and I had arranged two potatoes and a carrot in a specific configuration on the kitchen table we were sitting at.. and had to have it pointed out to him at the END of a take..


6. She says she has a backup career in case this acting thing doesn't pan out:

“Professional gambler”

7. She talks about an actual Titanic-like disaster that she suffered with Leonardo DiCarpio: 

“Hmmmm.. we once had a boating accident on the set of THE BEACH which all of us who were involved in it will find it hard to forget.”


8. That rumor that she has both a young lover and an older lover? Tilda says it's not true. But she also apologizes for it!

“This is not true, lukeyrads.. it never was.. someone once ran with a misunderstanding.. I suppose there may be people out there who believe it, though, so their perception would be skewed.. I'm sorry if this is a disappointment for anybody..”

9. Her favorite sandwich? Is this.

“Today, I have to say Avocado and goat's cheese..”

10. Finally, she talked about “Orlando” and made us fall in love with her bad-ass passion all over again.

“Orlando is a very dear memory for me: it was the first time I had worked alongside a project for so long – it took us five years, from first deciding to try to make it, to finishing the film – and Sally is a great friend of mine: we thought at the time we would never get to the finish with it.. but once it was done, we realised we savoured every minute of the ride.. if you mean would I ever play another cross-dressing, gender transitioning, four hundred year old English aristocrat again, I feel like saying it's not likely, as those stories aren't told so often..but then again, Orlando never feels very far away from me, somehow..”


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