Exclusive: Amelia Cole #21 lives by the old adage, ‘Fake it until you make it’


Monkeybrain Comics

Three worlds in ONE issue. In AMELIA COLE #21, Amelia continues her efforts to proactively save all three realms while trapped in the magic world (while fending off the affections of Krandle) Meanwhile, stranded in a world without magic, Hector is forced to acknowledge his abilities won”t pay rent in this mundane reality. On top of everything else, Lemmy and Omega Company hard fighting just to stay alive in the worn-torn blended world.

Success in these three objectives varies wildly.

Image Credit: Monkeybrain Comics. Cover by Nick Brokenshire.

Can Amelia discover how to to break down the barriers between worlds and set everyone back where they should be? After the jump, HitFix Harpy exclusively debuts the first five pages AMELIA COLE #21.

On sale April 1 on Comixology and wherever comics are sold.

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