Exclusive: Betty & Veronica pull ‘Freaky Friday’ shenanigans in their 275th issue


Archie Comics

For over 65 years, Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge have been fighting over Archie Andrews while maintaining their friendship in “Betty & Veronica.” They”ve weathered everything from bad fashion to unwanted new rivals (looking at you, Cheryl Blossom). But in the end, the girls have always lived by ancient proverb: Ovaries before brovaries.

For the landmark 275th issue of the iconic series, Archie Comics is pulling out all the stops. The double-sized issue will feature multiple collector covers and a ton of bonus content. (Disclosure: Including a short essay from myself about my affection for these ladies!)

Cover by Adam Hughes

As part of their Student Exchange Program, the girls have arrived in Mumbai, India in “Betty & Veronica #275. Hoping to shake things up and see how the other half lives,they”ve switched identities! Veronica takes on the role as “Betty,” and Betty takes on the role as “Veronica”! But how long can they keep up the pretense?

HitFix Harpy got an exclusive peek at the first few pages to see if the girls can tap the wellspring of their friendship to pass for each other!

BETTY & VERONICA #275 will be on sale April 15, 2015.

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