Exclusive clip: Miners face brutal task in ‘Ice Cold Gold’

02.20.14 4 years ago

Given how many gold mining reality TV shows there are on the air right now, you’d think some of these guys would just say, eh, maybe it’s time to go into a field that’s less crowded, like directing. But no, these rough and ready guys are determined to find gold, even when that means going to places with intentionally misleading names, like Greenland, which is mostly ice. If The North Face isn’t sponsoring this show, it should. Anyway, here’s a first look at the second season of Animal Planet’s “Ice Cold Gold” (premieres Thurs. March 6 at 10:00 p.m.),  in which we meet our seven determined miners and see that, even though they seem to be having a lucky streak, that comes with a whole new set of complications. Seriously, guys, have you considered real estate? Something? 

It turns out that Greenland is a land of crippling weather, resilient terrain and endless ice, which I’m fairly sure they don’t mention on any tourism brochures. The pioneering team of seven American miners who make up Sixty Degree Resources are picking up from where they left off at a huge ruby deposit they call the Red Zone worth millions of dollars. Greenland”s threats and rewards are multiplied as these spirited miners reawaken the beast in a mad rush to find gold, sapphires and rubies during the summer months before the ice cap freezes back. 

While the team”s mission is to battle the Beast of Greenland to find fortune, it”s the Beast within for which they”re not prepared. The miners must band together despite the cold, the hunger, the thirst and the fatigue that”s bound to escalate to explosive levels… 

Each miner has his own ideas for striking it rich, and there is complete disarray from the get go as Americo DiSantis, John Self, Jesse Feldman, Josh Feldman, Zach “Gator” Schoose, Chad Watkins and team leader Eric Drummond set foot upon the ice and brave this arctic danger zone once again. 

“There”s never been a ‘gold rush” in Greenland, and that”s the entire reason we”re here,” explains Jesse Feldman as he acknowledges the profound danger of returning to this harsh environment. 

In Greenland, the window to the mining season is tight, and this year, Sixty Degree Resources must travel to the most remote mining region in the world by boat and helicopter to reach its deposit. Then, the team must sling in thousands of pounds of heavy-duty mining equipment to get the job done. There is no help within thousands of miles of base camp. They are alone, and any misstep can destroy their collective dreams.

Nearly killing themselves for fortune and glory, these intrepid miners bare all their emotions in chapter two of this life-threatening journey. The odds are loaded against them – with time being their worst enemy – as they face 24-hour sunlight, massive glaciers, unknown wildlife and remote, uncharted territories no American miner ever has set foot on before. And what”s revealed on camera may blow your minds!

At 836,000 square miles, Greenland is the world”s largest island, but most of the land of this sleeping giant has been undisturbed during a 400,000 to 800,000-year-old icy reign. Continuing its audacious tradition for probing new territory, ICE COLD GOLD deploys a 29-member crew, the first and largest television crew to date to ever produce a series in Greenland.

In the past decade, global warming has forced Greenland from its mysterious, cold isolation. Recognizing the island nation for its untapped treasure trove of mineral wealth, the world is now seeing Greenland in a new light. The country has monumental plans to benefit from this change through regulated, sustainable mining; they believe responsible mining can improve their futures all the while exhibiting a sustainable approach to climate change, which the entire world is about to witness.

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