Exclusive: Telegraph’s fun ‘Rhinestone Chapel’ video recalls ‘The Hangover’

04.28.14 3 years ago

Nashville-based trio Telegraph may live in the country music capital of the world, but its breakthrough song, “Rhinestone Chapel,” is just as much pop rock as it is country.  The jangly, irresistible track, rooted in bouncy  guitars,  celebrates heading to the altar, even if the bride”s daddy is none too thrilled. But we bet even he can't resist tapping his toes to the catchy tune.

For the video, which Hitfix is proud to premiere, the lads (brothers Marshall and Red Cunningham and Rocco Beale) are recovering from what must have been a hell of a bachelor party, a la “The Hangover,” minus the tiger and Mike Tyson.

As the video unspools, selfies from the night before reveal an evening of debauchery that seemed to include Nicolas Cage, Ellen DeGeneres, a little Tebow-ing, and even Vladimir Putin.  Hey, fellow new acts: here”s a fun way to create a video on the relative cheap and still come up with something enjoyable.

“Rhinestone Chapel” appears on “Rewind,” the trio”s debut EP, out June 3.

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