‘Face Value Comics’ introduces comics’ ‘first autistic superhero’

and 09.04.14 3 years ago

Face Value Comics

(CBR) We”ve seen superheroes with all sorts of abilities, and now a new comic is introducing one hero who uses his own autism to save people.

First mentioned here a year ago, “Face Value Comics” is now available in comic stores and online, and features a young man named Michael with a keen mathematical mind in a steampunk world. Created by writer Dave Kot and illustrated by Sky Owens, the story and the message of “Face Value Comics” has struck a chord with its depiction of what”s believed to be the first autistic superhero in comic books.

“Face Value Comics” is published by Autism at Face Value, a Pennsylvania advocacy group founded by Kot and his wife Angela to promote awareness of autism. Kot, who has a PhD in psychology, combined his research, his own experiences with autism, and his 30 years as a comics reader to create “Face Value Comics.”

Each of the characters has a basis in the different clinic diagnostic criteria for autism, and the stories showcase Michael and others going through troubling situations people with autism face in real life.

“Face Value Comics” #1 debuted in comic stores nationwide late last month, and was featured this week on “NBC Nightly News.” Kot said that following the report, the issue sold out on the publisher level. However, second and third issues are already on the way.

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