Miles Teller on ‘Fantastic Four’: Your guess is as good as mine

04.27.15 2 years ago

LAS VEGAS – If you've seen the trailers for Josh Trank's upcoming “Fantastic Four” reboot, you're probably under the impression, like most of us, that the film will be taking a darker approach to the material than previous big-screen incarnations did. And according to Jamie Bell (Ben Grimm/”The Thing”), that impression would be pretty right on.

“I would say the film tonally is kind of like a dark Amblin kind of film,” said Bell — referencing Steven Spielberg, Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall's iconic production shingle — while promoting the film at last week's CinemaCon. “It has those kinds of qualities as well. There's some '2001' I think, with like going to different dimensions and different universes and stuff like that.”

Then again, his guess is as good as ours. After I mentioned that the film seemed to be taking a “Dark Knight”-style approach to the material, Bell's co-star Miles Teller (Reed Richards/”Mr. Fantastic”) noted: “We really didn't see much playback at all. When we saw this trailer, that kind of invited that world to us as well…I really couldn't make a comparison to the 'Dark Knight' or anything. …I hope the entire movie is in that world.”

Check out the full interview above.

“The Fantastic Four” hits theaters on August 7.

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