‘Fargo’ premieres to a lukewarm 4.2 million viewers

04.16.14 4 years ago

“Fargo” premieres to a lukewarm 4.2 million viewers
That”s fewer viewers than the launch of “The Americans” last year and about the same as “The Bridge.”

Oliver North got a story credit for helping out “The Americans”
The controversial Iran-contra scandal figure was enlisted for help via the producers” FX connection with sibling network Fox News, where North now works. North”s episode airs April 23, and it involves a contra training camp. Asked if he”s worried about any backlash, he responded, “Look, I”m a right-wing goon – everybody knows it, right?” he says with a smile.

TLC orders “OMG EMT!”
The new reality show promises to showcase the “most memorable and unusual emergency calls…from the ridiculous to the downright crazy.”

Lindsay Lohan”s reality show is unlikely to return for a 2nd season
The eight-episode OWN reality series concludes on Sunday after disappointing ratings.

“The Good Wife”s” Emmy campaign attacks rival cable dramas for airing so few episodes
The mailer points out “Mad Men” is airing only seven episodes this TV season (though that”s for next year”s Emmy race), while “True Detective” and “Breaking Bad” aired only eight episodes each.

Bob Saget & Katie Couric recall kissing on their 1st date – and him never calling her back
Couric went on just one date with the former “Full House” star.

“Jessie” is the first leading Disney Channel character to get engaged
Says a Disney exec: “Jessie is an adult, and we felt we could tackle this in a way that still feels appropriate for our audience.”

“Banshee” promotes 2
Geno Segers and Afton Williamson will become series regulars next season.

Is “Mad Men”s” Don Draper actually D.B. Cooper?
The famed hijacker”s name, Dan Cooper, sort of sounds like Don Draper.

Fox News” new show “Outnumbered” will feature 4 women and 1 rotating man
The four women will be regulars while there will be a different man each day.

Check out Tori Spelling and Jennie Garth reunited on ABC Family
Here”s the poster for the “Beverly Hills 90210” alums” new ABC Family series “Mystery Girls.”

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