‘Fargo’ Season 1 star Allison Tolman has conflicted feelings about ‘Fargo’ Season 2

12.03.15 2 years ago

Allison Tolman rose to prominence with her role on last season's “Fargo,” which brought her an Emmy nomination and, one would assume, greater opportunities to play high-profile roles. But for her next project, the talented actor set her sights on a genre that thesps are more likely to try and get away from than aspire to: horror. 

The result of that focus is Tolman's role in the upcoming Christmas-themed scare flick “Krampus,” which sees her playing a “soccer mom” type who is forced to defend her family against the titular demon and assorted other ghouls during a holiday get-together at her sister's suburban home.

“We were actually purposefully seeking out a horror film, and this is the first script that I read that I felt like I really had to be involved in,” she told me at the film's recent junket. “I'm a huge, huge horror movie fan.”

As for “Fargo,” Tolman told me she is watching the unrelated second season, and was frank about her conflicted feelings over the followup's stellar quality.

“I'm behind a little bit now, cause I've had crazy holiday stuff, but I am watching it,” she said. “It's so good. I wish it wasn't quite as good as it is — but it's very, very good.”

For more highlights from my interview with Tolman, including her favorite horror movies and her worst holiday memory, watch the full interview embedded above and below.

“Krampus” hits theaters on Friday.

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