Make your work place more awkward with this new Fifth Harmony video

03.30.15 2 years ago

The women in Fifth Harmony bonded, er, banded together for another new music video, this time for single “Worth It” from off of their debut album “Reflection.”

Some warnings if you display this work-themed video in your place of business, if you hadn't  screened “Bo$$” — also job preoccupied — already:

The women in feminine dress — skirts and shirts that could be described as “bondage blouses” — are secretaries, while the women in male dress are the “bosses.” The “co-worker” themed singer can't just leave the man with the ticker tape alone.

A signifier of power and status: having your own driver. A very insensitive signifier of power and status: having your own black male driver. Drive safe!

The phrase “I'm worth it” applies to receiving a raise or a starting salary. It also works within the confines of prostitution.

Platforms are terrible golf shoes, but if you're going to play in them, I recommend a club fitting as you wear the sized heels you plan to sport, for proper length and size.

Kid Ink strikes me as middle management rather than exec, and judging from the state of his eyesight, hiring corporations may want to consider bypassing drug testing.

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