Black Widow is the most vital Avenger and the final ‘Age of Ultron’ trailer proves it


Marvel is in the home stretch when it comes to marketing “The Avengers: Age of Ultron.” And with less than a month until opening day, Joss Whedon and company would like to remind audiences that Black Widow is the lynchpin holding these capricious men together with a perfect combination of infinite patience and kicks to the face.

Despite having no superpowers other than those granted by her Red Room Academy training, Natasha holds her own in world designed for billionaires in rocket suits and scientists that turn into rage monsters. That”s…extremely impressive.

In this trailer alone, she jumps from a moving vehicle that she was driving and into flawless “I”m going to kick your face in” formation, Superman punches her way over idiot villain minions to talk Bruce down from Hulk-status, returns Steve”s shield while maneuvering a motorcycle in a way that would impress James Bond, and goes one-on-one against Ultron with a electric stick and CAPTAIN AMERICA”S SHIELD.

All hail our Queen and savior, Natasha Romanoff!

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