First FOX ‘Gracepoint’ images don’t show David Tennant’s American accent

05.12.14 4 years ago 6 Comments


A week ago at this time, I was on the set of FOX's “Gracepoint” on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. Over two days, I talked to all of the show's stars, including David Tennant, Anna Gunn, Michael Peña and Kevin Rankin, who told me that he wouldn't want to play a British version of Herc in a British “Friday Night Lights.” [No, a British “Friday Night Lights” doesn't exist, silly. We were just discussing the very interesting thing Tennant is doing in “Gracepoint,” essentially reprising his “Broadchurch” role, only with a different name and a different accent. And yes, I've heard his American accent for the show. And no, he didn't use the accent in his interviews.]

At the time, “Gracepoint” was shooting its ninth episode and, to an actor, they all claimed that they didn't know who the killer was, but that it was allegedly different from the killer in “Broadchurch,” a claim that FOX executives repeated this morning in announcing that the 10-episode “Gracepoint” will air on Thursdays at 9 p.m. this fall.

“Gracepoint” co-showrunner Dan Futterman claimed that he knew who the killer was, but he didn't offer an answer.

I, however, was able to get a rather incriminating picture of the miscreant incarcerated at the Gracepoint police department.

Check it out. And don't tell anybody:

Not the killer on FOX's

Looks guilty to me.

Anyway, sorry for ruining FOX's “Gracepoint” for you. Check out the first pictures from the production.

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