FX passes on Paul Giamatti as homicide detective ‘Hoke’

06.10.14 3 years ago

FX passes on Paul Giamatti as homicide detective “Hoke”
The 1985-set series would”ve starred Giamatti as Hoke Moseley, a murder detective going through a midlife crisis in Miami.

“Duck Dynasty”s” crew has “several gay people on it”
Exec producer Deirdre Gurney says of Phil Robertson”s anti-gay comments: “We know our talent. I know Phil Robertson. I know his beliefs. I know how he treats a crew that has several gay people on it and people of different races and people from all different places.”

“Game of Thrones” gets “The O.C.” treatment
“Mmm Whatcha” Say….”

Why is HBO putting so much of John Oliver”s “Last Week Tonight” on YouTube?
Large chunks of each episode have gone up after each broadcast, including this week”s 13-minute FIFA rant. Says HBO”s Chief Marketing Officer Pam Levine: “We are always looking for interesting ways for viewers to sample our programming and with the topicality and timeliness of 'Last Week Tonight' we feel putting select clips on YouTube is an effective and simple way to allow audiences to see John”s unique take on the news events of the week.” PLUS: Oliver has found his niche: viral rants.

Here are 23 oddities and oversights from the Emmy ballots
Bill Murray wants an Emmy for appearing for less than 1 minute on “Alpha House,” Prince wants an Emmy for “New Girl” and Damian Lewis is seeking another leading actor Emmy despite only appearing in half of last season”s “Homeland” episodes.

What TV gets wrong about hospitals: There are 10 times more nurses than doctors
On TV shows, however, there are 10 times more doctors than nurses.

XBox developing a “supernatural bro comedy”
“East Of Exurbia” was inspired by a story on BroBible.com.

Lisa Kudrow”s motion for a new trial denied in ex-manager lawsuit
She”ll still have to pay her former manager $1.6 million from her “Friends” money.

Mel B joining UK “X Factor”
The former Spice Girl, who already works for Simon Cowell on “America”s Got Talent,” will join him on the original “X Factor.”

NFL Network may begin using drones
Drones may be used to film this year”s “Inside Training Camp” series.

Laura Prepon: I”m glad to be back in every episode of “Orange is the New Black”
“Yes, definitely, and I”m really excited because I missed everybody so much during season 2,” she tells “Today.” PLUS: Did “Breaking Bad”s” Walter White appear on the 2nd season?

See Jimmy Fallon”s parents' wedding photo
As Fallon points out to Clint Eastwood, his dad had a cigarette in his hand after the ceremony.

Tracy Morgan”s estranged mother was turned away at the hospital
Alicia Warden says she tried to visit her son, but was turned away by his fiance and hospital security.

Kerry Washington addresses being a mom for the 1st time
The “Scandal” star says “I feel really, really blessed.”

Katie Couric: Today would”ve been my 25th wedding anniversary
Couric lost husband Jay Monahan in 1998 to cancer.

A “Clone High” movie?
Phil Lord and Chris Miller, the brains behind MTV”s “Clone High” who”ve gone on to direct “21 Jump Street” and “The Lego Movie,” say a “Clone High” film is a possibility.

Introducing the Showerbox, which will allow you to binge on Netflix in the shower
The Showerbox makes your iPad waterproof.

“Mulaney”s” John Mulaney: “If we”re even a tenth as good as ‘Seinfeld,' we”d be lucky”
Mulaney insists his new Fox sitcom is different from “Seinfeld,” but doesn”t mind the comparisons.

How to shake up Emmy”s comedy category
No more “Modern Family”! No more dramedies!

“Now & Then” to ABC Family?
“Pretty Little Liars” boss Marlene King says there”s been talk of remaking the 1995 film as a TV series.

Lauren Graham on “Parenthood” finale: “Of course I hope she ends up Hank!”
Graham and the cast spoke about the final season at the ATX Television Festival.

“Full House”s” Dave Coulier is engaged
Coulier, 54, says his fiancee “has been my best friend since I met her nine years ago.”

“Teen Mom” Jenelle Evans gets divorced
Her marriage to estranged husband Courtland Rogers is over.

“Chasing Life” is a flawed cancer drama, yet perfect for ABC Family
Starring Italia Ricci as a cancer-stricken 24-year-old, “Chasing Life” comes off as desperate with its storylines. PLUS: Ricci doesn't make it too sentimental, and “Chasing Life” is the anti-“Breaking Bad.”

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