Guess which ‘Game of Thrones’ star says Ramsay Bolton ‘deserves’ to die…

05.27.16 2 years ago

Ramsay Bolton is a terrible person. There”s no simpler way to say it. He”s just awful in so many ways. And no person thinks less of the Game of Thrones character than the man who plays him, Iwan Rheon.

In an interview on the British talk show This Morning, Rheon admits that Bolton is not only horrible, but he deserves a grizzly, miserable death.

“I think he”s got it coming. He deserves it,” Rheon said. When asked how he”d like to perish, the Welsh-born actor said, “I”d quite like a dragon-related death in some brutal dragon encounter, fighting a dragon and losing.”

Considering all the people that Bolton has wronged, that almost seems to glamorous. Something more like Julius Caesar, where everyone gets a crack at him, seems more appropriate.

There are only five more chances for Bolton to get whacked this season. Here”s hoping it happens soon.

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