‘Game Of Thrones’ Visualized In Feudal Japan

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What if George R.R. Martin had set his sweeping epic in Feudal Japan instead of basing it off the Plantagenet War of the Roses? This is the question asked by artist Seiji in their amazingly detailed art. Re-envisioning the Houses of Westeros as the noble clans (each clan even has a coat of arms) and swapping the vaguely European countries for Mongolia and the wildlings for Northern Japanese tribes, Seiji’s art seems to emulate the style of the Edo period.

However, Seiji was not content to just transplant the story from West to East. With each image, they gave a short history explaining the changes. From the history of the weapon choices to how weirwoods fit into Shinto spiritual practices, this AU (Alternate Universe) feels vibrant and whole.

According to Seiji, high quality prints will be available soon!

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