Get ready for the JFK 50th-anniversary TV onslaught!

11.08.13 4 years ago

Get ready for the JFK 50th-anniversary TV onslaught!

“There are documentaries, reenactments, investigations, period dramas – more than you could ever watch and more than you’d possibly want to,” says Hank Stuever, who consumed much of the anniversary programming. “My days just get Zaprudier and Zaprudier.”

“Sean Saves the World” gets 5 more episodes
That brings the Season 1 total to 18 episodes.

Alan Alda is headed to “The Blacklist”
He’ll play a man from Red’s past.

“Homeland” has become a “social media piñata”
Is the instant Twitter scrutiny of “Homeland” unfair? Mary McNamara thinks so: “Instant Responders give new meaning to the term ‘my show’; they don’t so much watch as obsessively hover. Like ambivalent lovers, they continually re-evaluate their relationship with a series, offer a running commentary that celebrates that which pleases them and denounces, with varying degrees of umbrage, what does not.”

“Hatfields & McCoys” star sues over injuries suffered after being thrown off a horse
Thomas McKay, who played Jim McCoy on the History miniseries, claims the horse handlers were incompetent.

Cynthia Nixon is unfamiliar with “The Carrie Diaries”

AnnaSophia Robb ran into the “Sex and the City” alum in a bathroom, and Nixon said she had no idea there was a “Sex” spinoff.

Retta answers “Parks and Rec” questions on Reddit: She’s closest to “dirty-joke telling” Jim O’Heir
“We became series regulars at the same time,” she says of O’Heir. “We share a trailer. And we both gossip like a Brooklyn Jewish mom.” She also thinks that Chris Pratt has the cast’s best butt. PLUS: Leon Trotsky = Jean-Ralphio?

Dan Rather will host a JFK special for AXS TV — “My Days in Dallas”
Rather will recall being a young reporter for CBS in Dallas the day the president was killed.

ABC is remaking British comedy “Bad Education” with popular UK standup Jack Whitehall
In “An American Education,” Jack Whitehall will play a British teacher who ends up teaching in San Diego. PLUS: Watch “Bad Education.”

Shonda Rhimes recalls how ABC’s “older guys” didn’t like the complicated females on “Grey’s Anatomy”
“A bunch of older guys told me that nobody was going to watch a show about a woman who had casual sex and threw a guy out the night before her first day of work-that that was completely unrealistic and that nobody wanted to know that woman,” Rhimes says in an interview with NPR.

Mariska Hargitay gets a Hollywood Walk of Fame star
The “SVU” star’s Walk of Fame star is located next to her late mom, Jayne Mansfield.

Stephen Colbert: We have 3 kinds of scripts — hopper, pantry and raw ideas
Colbert took fans behind the scenes at the New York Comedy Festival:”Pantry means the script is done, it’s written, it’s ready to go, sitting there like a loaf of bread. Loaded with preservatives. Hopper is an idea that we know we like that we’d like to launch, or maybe even a draft that”s not working yet but can. And then there”s always raw pitches and ideas.” PLUS: Dogs know when Colbert is in character.

“The Mindy Project” is bringing back Maria Menounos
She’ll steal Adam Pally’s heart.

“Girls” star Adam Driver is shocked he’s so popular in the fashion world
“I don’t totally get it,” says the Marine turned Vogue model. “I mean, when I read for ‘Girls,’ I was, like, the script says ‘Handsome Carpenter,’ so someone else is going to get the part. They’ll have someone handsome, not me. I mean, I”m not in any danger of getting leading-man parts.”

Adrienne Maloof injured while filming on a CBS lot
The “Real Housewives” star was shooting an entertainment show when the sprinklers went off, resulting in her falling and injuring her knee.

Songwriter Paul Williams will guest on “Community”
Yvette Nicole Brown tweeted a pic of herself with The Muppets’ “Rainbow Connection” composer.

Rob Lowe: Seeing myself as JFK was “very emotional for me”
The “Killing Kennedy” star said he tried to do his version of Kennedy differently than past actors: “Because so many people have done JFK, I wanted to find that part of him that is no different than any other man — father, brother, big job, pressure, expectations, failure, flaws. I have that in me, as many men do.” PLUS: What was it like to play Lee Harvey Oswald?

Maybe “SNL” doesn’t know what to do with black women
As The Atlantic notes, “The roles it offers to them fall in line with much of the rest of popular media: stereotypical, demeaning, and scarce.” PLUS: “SNL” improv feeders are trying to diversify.

“Farscape” alum to host “Jim Henson”s Creature Shop Challenge”
Gigi Edgley, who starred on the Jim Henson Company-produced “Farscape,” will be at the helm of the Syfy reality competition.

Why “MasterChef Junior” works so well

It’s improved upon the original with no backbiting or strategic maneuvering — just kids being kids. PLUS: “Junior” has become a Friday success.

“Breaking Bad’s” RJ Mitte recalls being bullied

“I went through the wringer,” says Mitte, the keynote speaker for Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week. “I had my hand broken. I got choked out … (A bully) grabbed the back of my hoodie and pulled and threw me on the ground. That’s just some of it.”

Ryan Murphy talks “Coven” and next season of “American Horror Story”
Murphy says he has two strong ideas for Season 4.

David Simon: “‘Treme’ is a better executed, more careful project than ‘The Wire'”
“It was very hard following ‘The Wire” with anything,” says Simon. “I love these (‘Treme’) characters. They’re the most complex human beings I’ve been able to write. To me, they are absolutely recognizable as people you”d see walking down the street in New Orleans.” PLUS: Check out “The Wire” poster project.

Everybody keeps mispelling Kenan Thompson’s name
The “SNL” star is Kenan, not Keenan.

“SNL’s” Cecily Strong: “I have crazy, socially awkward anxieties”
The Weekend Update anchor is shy in real life, she says, “but somehow I love to play people who are really confident. It’s my opposite.” PLUS: Kate McKinnon stars in a fake rom-com trailer with Zach Levi.

Behind the scenes of “Maury”

How is 74-year-old Maury Povich holding up in his 16th season?

Tom Bergeron disrupts “Sesame Street”

Watch the “Dancing with the Stars” host play “Gotcha!”

Epix tells “The Bob Guccione Story”

The “Filthy Gorgeous” film, premiering tonight, tells the story of the Italian founder of Penthouse.

Inside Tim Gunn’s NYC pad

Is the “Project Runway” star’s $1.5 million home as stylish as he is?

Bruno Mars’ sisters make their WEtv reality debut

Introducing “The Lylas.”

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