‘Glee’ ties its worst-ever ratings with Katy Perry/Lady Gaga tribute

11.08.13 4 years ago

“Glee” ties its worst-ever ratings with Katy Perry/Lady Gaga tribute
About four million watched last night’s episode, which included the debut of Adam Lambert. PLUS: “The Voice” boosts NBC’s Thursday comedies.

Syfy may get a show tied to Richard Branson’s 1st commercial spaceflight
In addition to airing the space flight live on “Today,” NBC Universal is trying to figure out how to have all its cable channels involved. There will also be a primetime special the night before the launch.

Can you watch “Scandal” by only reading Twitter?
Yes you can!

Kate Mulgrew to write her memoir

The star of shows from “Star Trek Voyager” to “Orange is the New Black” will recall her life as an unmarried mother who gave her daughter up for adoption as she started her career.

“Ender’s Game” may get a TV spinoff

Lionsgate may bring the franchise to television after less-than-stellar box office results.

Whoopi Goldberg, who’s never been asked to host “SNL,” isn’t surprised by diversity controversy

“Look!” she says. “These folks are 15 years late on this question. ‘Saturday Night Live’ has looked like this for 15, 16 years. I don’t understand? Why is everyone up in arms? Didn”t anybody see it before? Clearly not!”

BBC America has a week’s worth of “Doctor Who” specials planned for 50th anniversary
They’ll include a retrospective on Matt Smith and a film chronicling the show’s evolution.

Chuck Lorre uses “Mom” vanity card to slam freeway construction workers

The sitcom honcho is unhappy with the progress on the 405.

“The Neighbors” visits “Shark Tank”
The ABC shows are crossing over on tonight’s “Neighbors” episode when Debbie presents her brand-new invention to the “Shark Tank” judges.

Jon Hamm goes commando on the “Mad Men ” set
Hamm again has opted not to wear underwear.

“Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star Scott Disick’s mom dies
Disick, the boyfriend of Kourteney Kardashian, is mourning the loss of his mother, Bonnie, who died last week.

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