Google Doodle 8-bit game celebrates ‘Doctor Who’s’ 50th birthday

11.21.13 4 years ago

Google Doodle 8-bit game celebrates “Doctor Who’s” 50th birthday
The Google Doodle, which goes live on Friday, allows you to play the Doctor through all 11 incarnations.

“How I Met Your Mother” celebrates Episode 200

Bob Saget joined the “HIMYM” cast to celebrate the 200th episode today with delicious cake. PLUS: The cast and crew got an “HIMYM” coloring book.

How “Mad Men,” “Quantum Leap” and “The X Files” covered the JFK assassination
In one “Quantum Leap” episode, Dr. Sam Beckett leapt into the body of Lee Harvey Oswald.

“SNL” booked 12-1/2 white males for December
Amid “Saturday Night Live’s” diversity controversy, every host and musical guest in December will be a white male — everybody except One Direction’s Zayn Malik, who is half-Pakistani.

“The Voice” has become a hit-maker, moreso than “American Idol”

Established acts like Robin Thicke have found “The Voice” to be the best promotional platform out there.

Ellen DeGeneres removes smoking from “Mad Men”

In honor of a day without smoking.

Jay Leno bandleader Rickey Minor is returning to “American Idol” as music director
Minor will be back next season after two years on “The Tonight Show.” He replaces Ray Chew, who replaced him.

WGN America orders a Ten Commandments event series
The Weinstein Company-backed project hopes to have an A-list director direct each of the 10 episodes.

Why can’t “The X Factor’s” international success translate to United States?
Simon Cowell’s reality show, which is in 45 countries, is a hit everywhere but here.

“Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” has a “fairly solid two-year plan”
But Jed Whedon cautions that nothing is set in stone.

Jay Leno and Jimmy Fallon are getting big ratings as they near their transition
In fact, Leno this season is 51% up over Letterman in the 18-49 demo.

Watch a preview of “Bonnie & Clyde”

The A&E/Lifetime miniseries stars Emile Hirsch, Holliday Grainger, Sarah Hyland, William Hurt and Holly Hunter.

“Chuck” co-creator is working on a haunted house drama for Syfy

Chris Fedak’s “The Woods” centers on a woman who returns to the haunted mansion where her sister disappeared from when they were kids.

Follow Vince Gilligan behind the scenes on “Breaking Bad”

Here’s a featurette from the DVD set. PLUS: “Breaking Bad” soundtrack will be released in vinyl, and Bill Burr found Ted Beneke’s check.

GOP congressman accused of being an “Alec Baldwin Republican”
Baldwin’s name has become a slur in an Idaho congressional race.

“Eastbound & Down’s” final moments, explained
“It was always part of the screenplay,” says co-creator Jody Hill. “That’s how we were going to frame the whole season and tie it up.”

Robin Williams vs. Michael J. Fox
Which big-name star with a new sitcom chews up too much scenery?

Charisma Carpenter posts a pic of “Buffy’s” 1st trip to Comic-Con

Where was Sarah Michelle Gellar?

Preview Mariah Carey’s “American Dads” cameo
The diva plays a girl with a Southern twang.

Sarah Silverman answers questions on Reddit
Silverman recalls the time she tattooed a fan’s leg. “I just tattooed a guy’s leg with an actual needle. I put WWSD (what would Sarah do).”

Coming to TV: “Lifeforce”?
Colin Wilson’s 1976 novel “The Space Vampires,” which became the film “Lifeforce” in 1985, is set for a TV remake.

New film “The Robertsons” details “Duck Dynasty stars’ struggles with alcoholism, suicidal thoughts
The film, made for a Christian group, goes into Phil’s infidelity and Reed’s suicidal thoughts. PLUS: New “Duck” book: “Everything’s Better With a Beard.”

“Survivor’s” Aras is becoming a dad
Aras Baskauskas says his fiance is 12 weeks pregnant.

Curtis Stone is creating recipes based on “Arrested Development” and “House of Cards”
The “Top Chef Masters” host also came up with a drink inspired by “Orange is the New Black.”

PBS visits “Nashville 2.0”
The Friday documentary looks into the “Rise of Americana.”

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