‘Grey’s Anatomy’ unveils Season 10 promo

09.06.13 4 years ago

“Grey’s Anatomy” unveils Season 10 promo
“The storm isn’t over yet.”

Hank’s “Breaking Bad” partner “Gomie” jokes: “It’s hard to be a Mexican on ‘Breaking Bad'”

Steven Michael Quezada — an actor/standup comedian/talk show host/Albuquerque school board member — says of his character: “Gomez is the verbally abused wife. He takes everything with a grain of salt, though. When Hank has something racially colorful to say, I don’t think he says it to anybody else but Gomez, you know what I mean?” PLUS: New Mexico clinic to offer “Breaking Bad” rehab scholarships.

“Big Brother” Aaryn’s black prom date comes forward
Mike Miller, who took the racist “Big Brother” star to the prom in 2009, says she’s not “prejudiced or hateful.”

X-Men won’t ever be part of “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”

Rights issues will prevent the show from even using the word “mutant.”

Dr. Oz goes undercover — as a woman

The TV doctor dressed in drag at a shoe store to convince women to choose comfort over fashion.

Jack Osbourne’s wife suffers a miscarriage
Osbourne got the news as he’s preparing to go on “Dancing with the Stars.”

Moscow mayoral candidate’s campaign is inspired by “The Wire”
Alexei Navalny, the leading opposition candidate, admits copying many of his ideas from the HBO series. PLUS: Isiah Whitlock Jr. hasn’t stopped saying “sheeeeeeeeeit.”

“White Collar” recruits Zeljko Ivanek

He’ll guest star in one episode.

“The X Factor” gets new sponsors

Pepsi and Chevrolet are out, Honda and Procter are in.

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