Hammer’s ‘The Abominable Snowman’ will live again in remake

11.21.13 4 years ago 2 Comments

Hammer Pictures

The Yeti has been spotted, and he’s coming your way. 

Iconic British horror studio Hammer has announced it will produce a new version of “The Abominable Snowman,” in association with Ben Holden (“The Quiet Ones,” “The Woman in Black: Angel of Death”).

The upcoming modern take on the Yeti myth will put a contemporary twist on the studio’s 1957 original film, which starred Hammer regular Peter Cushing (the “Dracula” films), Forrest Tucker and Maureen Connell as scientists searching for the legendary beast in the Himalayas.

No casting news has yet been announced for the remake which is being written by Matthew Read (“Pusher”) and Jon Croker (“The Woman In Black: Angel of Death”).

Hammer’s 2012 “The Woman in Black” — starring Daniel Radcliffe — stands as the most successful British horror film of all time. They also distributed the 2011 horror remake “Let Me In.”
“The success of ‘Let Me In’ and ‘The Woman In Black’ has shown that there is an appetite for quality horror films so it is exciting to draw on Hammer”s unparalleled source material in this genre which can be reimagined and updated for a new audience,” explained Hammer’s Simon Oakes in a press release.
The sequel “The Woman in Black: Angel of Death” is currently shooting in the U.K.

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