Harrison Ford takes a Greedo shot first on ‘Tonight Show’

12.02.15 2 years ago


Harrison Ford made for a lively “Tonight Show” guest last night, telling circumcision jokes, demolishing a Han Solo doll, and taking a Greedo shot.

Jimmy Fallon started things off with special beverage created by a bartender/mixologist friend called the “Millennium Fallon.” 

“Get it?” Fallon asked.

“No,” said Ford.

Fallon then tried to put a blue cylindrical ice block into a glass, only for it to fall on the desk and ice chips to get all over Ford, who was duly unimpressed. Fallon pulled out two “Greedo shots” (cognac, creme de menthe, and ice) and told Ford they had to drink those first. Get it? I don't think Ford did.

But the best was yet to come, as Fallon then brought up Ford's injury on “The Force Awakens.”

“They closed a f—ing door on me!” Ford explained. But that wasn't enough for Fallon, who asked him to demonstrate what happened on a Han Solo doll. Ford ripped the doll's left foot clean off, followed by part of its head and its pants, revealing one of those pubic bulges male dolls have in lieu of genitals. 

“Hey, congratulations,” Fallon said.

“Let's not talk about that accident,” Ford said, covering the doll's modesty. “That's what you get for having an amateur mohel.”

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