Headcanon accepted: Harry Potter and the Hilariously Employed Dementors


Everyone knows Azkaban was a terrible place, where only the worst witches and wizards are sent as punishment. Inhabited by the Dementors, prisoners were effectively psychologically tortured to death. Dementors acted as guards, but also performed mundane tasks such as bringing food to their charges.

But where was the food coming from?

That”s the question posed by Taurielf. “Is there a Dementor in the prison kitchen wearing a ‘kiss the cook” apron and making pancakes for the inmates? JK Rowling explain yourself.”

Though Rowling has yet to make clear if Dementors embodied all jobs from janitor to jailer (or if Squibs or House Elves were doing the grunt work). artist Marmalade Box has taken int upon themselves to visualize what the bowels of Azkaban looked like.

So the next time you need a laugh, just imagine the Dementors all outside smoking a cigarette and complaining about being on latrine duty.

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