Here is Lisa Rinna Dressed and Performing as Britney Spears

06.02.14 4 years ago

Little known fact: ABC's “Sing Your Face Off,” a summer series the network is apparently burning off at a rapid rate, is secretly the must-see experience of the summer.

The concept: Celebs dress as famous pop stars and, I guess, mimic the featured vocalist in a performance of one of their big hits. Sebastian Bach performed as Adam Levine recently. Hooray! But better yet, Lisa Rinna performed as Britney Spears AND Dolly Parton, and both performances caused me to backflip through the ceiling. There I hang, still yet. 

But back to that Britney performance: At the end, I literally clasped my hands over my ears like a child who hates fireworks and screamed, “OH NO, SHE FELL.” I don't need caffeine today because Lisa's antics have filled me with endorphins.

By the way, yes, that's Darrell Hammond as one of the judges. Perfect, somehow.

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