‘Homeland’ boss: ‘We certainly don’t want anybody to turn off to Carrie’

10.06.14 3 years ago


“Homeland” boss: “We certainly don”t want anybody to turn off to Carrie”
Showrunner Alex Gansa says “I think we”re all nervous about” a controversial scene from the Season 4 premiere – a scene that took five days in the editing room to make just right. “What she did at the end of last year, arguably sending the man she loved to his death, is something she”s having an incredibly difficult time facing. So she”s compartmentalizing her grief; compartmentalizing her culpability.” PLUS: Gansa found the “reboot” to be “liberating,” an intelligence expert found many problems with the season premiere on many levels, that controversial scene was a terrible idea, in defense of the new Carrie, why is Quinn in the driver”s seat?, and “Homeland” fell right back into its “over-the-top habits, finding brand-new mistakes to make.”

John Oliver gets Jeff Goldblum to interrogate cash
Goldblum took part in “Last Week Tonight”s” takedown of police civil forfeiture, with Goldblum starring in “Law & Order: Civil Asset Forfeiture Unit.”

Watch the music video for “Better Call Saul: The Song”
Country veteran Junior Brow sings a clever song reminiscent of “Breaking Bad”s” “Negro y Azul.”

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Report: “Game of Thrones” hired 200 security guards to protect Cersei”s naked walk
A local neighborhood had to be shut down for last week”s four-day shoot, according to TMZ, but photos ended up getting out anyway.

“Screech” hasn”t seen “The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story,” even though he”s listed as an executive producer
“I guess they did it from Screech's point of view in the Lifetime movie but I didn't see it,” says Dustin Diamond, who”s been too busy working on the “Saved by the Bell” Off-Broadway parody “Bayside! The Musical.”

NBA to announce a 9-year, $24 billion TV deal with ESPN and TNT
The new deal, to be announced Monday has an average value of nearly three times the current deal.

“Portlandia”s” feminist book store may shut down
Portland's In Other Words feminist community center, where “Portlandia” shoots its feminist book store sketches, has been struggling in recent years and won”t be around much longer unless there is help with “extraordinary circumstances.”

HBO”s “Looking” ticks off its San Francisco neighbors
The HBO series took over a 103,000-square-foot warehouse for Season 2, and the result has been no parking in the surrounding area.

Did NBC photoshop “Bad Judge” Kate Walsh?
Her legs don”t seem quite right in a promotional photo.

Martin Freeman to star in a BBC drama about the trial of Nazi Adolf Eichmann
The “Fargo” and “Sherlock” star will play a TV producer in a series about the broadcast of the 1961 trial of the Holocaust's chief architect.

Elvira, Mistress of the Dark is getting a Hulu series for Halloween
She”ll look back at 13 classic horror films for “13 Nights of Elvira.”

Catch a glimpse of Tina Fey”s “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”
“The Office”s” Ellie Kemper and “30 Rock”s” Tituss Burgess are currently filming the NBC comedy.

Jerry Seinfeld rips apart the advertising industry that just gave him an award
“I love advertising because I love lying,” Seinfeld said in acceptance his Clio award.

Donald Trump upset the NY Times didn”t mention “Celebrity Apprentice” in an interview with Clay Aiken
“Not good reporting,” wrote Trump in a note to the interviewer.

“Homeland”s” Corey Stoll gets engaged
Between “Homeland,” “House of Cards” and “The Strain,” Stoll has had a busy few years

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