How to improve ‘Gotham’

10.27.14 3 years ago


How to improve “Gotham”
The Fox Batman prequel is still one of the best new shows of the fall, but there are still several problems, including the overacting, the putting of every actor in each episode and too many villains already introduced. “Gotham” could also benefit from adding sex, becoming less of a procedural and, perhaps, killing “un-kill-able” characters.

Why does Kim Kardashian keep landing TV show cameos, like tonight on “2 Broke Girls”?
Kardashian has appeared on a number of shows, from “Last Man Standing” to “CSI:NY” to “How I Met Your Mother.” But at this point, it seems like a Kardashian cameo isn”t worth that much, ratings-wise.

Laurence Fishburne: Justin Bieber acts “Black-ish”
As the “Black-ish” star explained on “The View, “Depending upon on your perspective, for some people ('black-ish”) means when black folks kind of act white, for some people it means when white folks act black.”

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Matt Czuchry glad to have a juicy “Good Wife” story arc
“In terms of emotionally, this is the biggest challenge for me that I”ve ever had in the past six seasons,” he says. “The court room scenes, which we”ve always done, are an incredible challenge in a different way. But coming up in episodes 8, 9, and 10, the emotion and heaviness and places I”ve been required to go as an actor have been the most challenging I”ve gone to in the last six seasons.” PLUS: “Good Wife” costume designer talks dressing Julianna Margulies.

“Star Wars Rebels” proves that not having George Lucas” input benefits the “Star Wars” franchise
The Disney XD cartoon, says David Sims, “soundly confirms what many a disillusioned Star Wars fan might hope: that shedding George Lucas was just what this moribund franchise needed.”

It was Nikki Ferrell who dumped “The Bachelor” Juan Pablo
According to People, Juan Pablo”s inability to show affection for Nikki, as shown on “Couples Therapy,” led to the end of their relationship after less than a year.

7 lingering questions from the “Boardwalk Empire” finale
The HBO series ended without these seven key questions unanswered. PLUS: This entire season was a gratuitous postscript to the bleak and masterful Season 4, and a fine ending didn”t cover for the show”s original sin of making the lead character its least interesting.

Watch “Duck Dynasty”s” Phil Robertson endorse his nephew for Congress in a campaign ad
Zach Dasher, who is running for Congress from Louisiana, is going all out in using his “Duck Dynasty” connection.

NYC celebrates the opening of “George Carlin Way”
Comedians came out for the dedication of the legendary comedian”s own street.

Dave Grohl: “I would never make it” on “American Idol”
“Who's to say they're not good or not?” Grohl said in the “60 Minutes” profile of the Foo Fighters and their new HBO show. “Imagine Bob Dylan standing there singing 'Blowin' in the Wind' in front of those judges? 'Sorry, it's a little nasally and a little flat. Next.””

“90210”s” Trevor Donovan to play Amish on UP TV
He”ll star in Amish country movie “Love Finds You in Charm,” a follow-up to “Love Finds You in Charm.”

Some UC Berkeley students are ticked off by Bill Maher”s selection as commencement speaker
Calling the HBO “Real Time” host a blatant bigot and racist,” a petition drive has begun to “Stop Bill Maher from speaking at UC Berkeley's December graduation.”

“Disneyland,” the TV show, debuted 60 years ago today
“Disneyland” the show actually premiered before the debut of the actual Disneyland and served as an advertisement for the theme park.

ESPN2″s “Numbers Never Lie” is changing its name to “His & Hers”
The show starring Michael Smith and Jemele Hill will continue with the same format when its rebranded with a new name next week.

Stephen Collins puts 2 up for sale amid molestation controversy
The former “7th Heaven” star is selling two side-by-side hours for $5.5 million.

Judge reduces The Situation”s assault charge after he completed a 12-week anger management program
The former “Jersey Shore” star has to pay a $506 fine for disorderly conduct for fighting with his brother at their tanning salon.

George R.R. Martin”s new book actually raises the stakes for his “Game of Thrones” saga
“The World of Ice & Fire” is surprisingly jam-packed with information, as i09 points out. “Plus the book outright explains or states a lot of things that fans of Martin's books have only guessed or wondered at – including exactly what happens if the Others, the snowbound monsters north of the Wall, get into Westeros and overrun everything.” PLUS: Martin spills new “GoT” details on stage, which you can watch here.

Gareth, “The Walking Dead”s” “hipster cannibal,” is “top shelf”
Read an open letter to Gareth.

“Homeland” is using 3 different men to try and recapture the Carrie-Brody dynamic
The problem is one of those relationships is queasy and troubling.

“One Tree Hill”s” Hilarie Burton to playa dominatrix on “Forever”
She”ll guest as a dominatrix accused of murder.

Don”t try to make sense of “Mike Tyson”s Mysteries”
Just marvel at the strangeness of the legendary boxer”s new Adult Swim show. PLUS: The show is better consumed while ingesting illegal substances, and the show won”t address Tyson”s most infamous moments.

HBO”s “Mr. Dynamite: The Rise of James Brown” has great footage, but not so great insight
The Mick Jagger-produced documentary charts the rise of the legendary performer, but doesn”t really tell you much about the man himself.

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