‘Twilight’ star Kellan Lutz to bring the ‘Heat’ with Mickey Rourke in new film

10.10.11 6 years ago

AP Photo/Dan Steinberg

“Twilight” star Kellan Lutz will square off with his “Immortals” co-star Mickey Rourke once again in “Java Heat”, a new action movie now shooting in Indonesia. Writer/director Conor Allyn penned the script with his father, New York Times-bestselling author Rob Allyn; the elder Allyn is a co-founder of Margate House Films, the Indonesia-based production company behind the project.

Rourke is starring in the film as Malik, a “decadent jewel thief” and terrorist whose crimes are all apparently committed in “a desperate search for the faded beauty of his own lost youth” (which, to be blunt for a second, has to hit fairly close to home for the actor). Lutz, whose own youthful beauty is currently at its peak, will play Jake, a “reckless tough guy” who goes on the hunt for Malik in Southeast Asia and partners with a “cerebral, suspicious Muslim detective” along the way, as reported by The Wrap.

The two actors can be seen starring opposite one another in the upcoming mythological action film “Immortals”, which hits theaters November 11th. The Tarsem Singh-directed effort also stars Henry Cavill, Freida Pinto, Luke Evans, Isabel Lucas and Stephen Dorff.

With a title that sounds like a Jean-Claude van Damme or Chuck Norris vehicle from the late ’80s and a fairly generic concept, “Jave Heat” feels more like a direct-to-DVD title than a full-fledged theatrical release. On the other hand, it will likely perform well in Indonesia, where Conor Allyn’s last two directorial efforts, “Hearts of Freedom” and “Red & White”, apparently raked in the dough.

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