In Case Facebook Makes You Feel Bad About Your Life…

06.24.14 3 years ago

This video makes a good point: People embellish their everyday lives to make them look good on Facebook. Fine. I'm glad someone said it, I guess.

But as much as I admire that concept, there's something about this video, called “What's On Your Mind?”, that I find a little preachy, particularly the end. The moral is that we don't approve of friends who express sadness on Facebook. Maybe that's true, but if you post dour, vague updates like “My life sucks” — as this clip's protagonist does — then I believe it's justified for friends to un-follow you. There's nothing wrong with announcing you're unhappy, but there's something bizarre about going to Facebook, writing something terse and unsettling, and giving no context to your own despair. It's pointless. And it's disingenuous to say you're unhappy when you're apparently well enough to sit around waiting for people to ask what the matter is.

What I'm saying: Feel free to be honest on Facebook. But qualified honesty is less unnerving and, frankly, more social than bleak pronouncements of sadness. I like this video, but it deserves a slight re-write.

Bonus: Here’s THE SNAP’s recent take on people who don’t use Facebook right.

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