‘In Good Company’ is the latest movie getting a TV remake

10.14.14 3 years ago

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“In Good Company” is the latest movie getting a TV remake
CBS is developing the 2004 film starring Topher Grace, Dennis Quaid and Scarlett Johansson in which Grace falls for the boss” daughter as a comedy based on Paul Weitz”s script.

Another movie remake: CW orders “The Illusionist”
The 2006 magician film starring Edward Norton and Jessica Biel will be remade as a TV series set in turn-of-the-century New York City.

Coming soon: “Real Housewives of Philly”?
A producer from the Bravo franchise has been recently interviewing Philadelphia”s most successful and glamorous women.

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“About a Boy”s” David Walton: “This is my first Season 2 experience, and I really like it”
“”It's just nice to be employed,” says Walton, who”s starred in six failed network shows over the past decade.

Steve McQueen”s HBO drama project gets a name and a star
The “12 Years of Slave” director is developing “Codes of Conduct,” a drama about a young African-American man”s entry into New York society, starring newcomer Devon Terrell.

Jay Leno: “I don”t see Jimmy Fallon trashing other hosts”
In a Washington Post profile of Leno timed to his Mark Twain Prize, the former “Tonight Show” host revisits the NBC debacle with Conan O”Brien and says one thing that he admires with his successor is that “I don”t see Jimmy Fallon trashing other hosts.” PLUS: Why Leno never had kids.

HBO won”t admit it has an “HBO News”:  “We are not a news division”
With a lineup that includes Bill Maher, Vice Media and John Oliver, HBO could claim it has its own cable news division. But the pay network isn”t looking to compete with NBC News.

Watch Chris Rock”s last appearance on “SNL” — he predicted an Obama presidency nearly 2 years before it became a reality
Lorne Michaels let Rock do a “Special Report” cold open on March 17, 2007 edition of “Saturday Night Live.”

“Suburgatory” alum to romance “The Goldbergs”” Barry
Allie Grant will guest as a mini version of Barry”s mom.

“The Walking Dead”s” popularity, explained: “Extreme is the new mainstream”
The AMC series is “a nightmare–which millions of people want to visit every week. So what gives?” asks James Poniewozik. Perhaps “The Walking Dead” is reflecting on our dark times, or America loves watching dark themes, or zombies. PLUS: Director explains that season premiere scene, and “Dr. Eugene Porter” had been unemployed for 18 months.

After “Doogie Howser,” Neil Patrick Harris experimented with psychedelic drugs
Harris” new “choose your own adventure” memoir revisits the time he was in his early 20s living in a “little adobe house” in Placitas, New Mexico, and experimenting with mushrooms and LSD.

Is “Top Chef” having trouble finding experienced chefs?
According to the NY Post, the 16 competitors this season are “seemingly the most random bunch yet.”

Check out “Parks and Rec” final season set pics
Are Leslie and Ben back from the future?

London”s mayor: “I have a daily battle against the Kardashians, which my children love”
Says Mayor Boris Johnson: “I believe in trying to understand and love the world around me but I watch five minutes and think what the f***”s going on.”

Mindy Kaling has had trouble casting her “Mindy Project” mother
“To cast my father would be fairly easy,” she said at the New Yorker Festival. “…To cast my mother would have been a challenge for me personally. It”s the kind of thing where I know if my mom were alive, she would want only the most young and beautiful Bollywood actress to play her. (She'd be like,) 'I don't want that old crone to play me!'”

“The Good Wife” is increasingly interested in investigating the “Good” half of its title
This week”s episode was the best in a while.

“Rainbow Brite” is getting a reboot with Emily Osment and Molly Ringwald
The remake of the ’80s animated series will be shown on subscription video-on-demand service Feeln.

Lane Kim”s “Gilmore Girls” band reunited
Keiko Agena was back on drums for a Hep Alien reunion show.

“Breaking Bad” gets a cookbook parody trailer
Watch the promo for “Baking Bad.”

“Marry Me”: “There doesn't seem to be enough of a there, there”
Quoting Gertrude Stein”s famous remark on Oakland Mary McNamara says NBC”s new rom-com “is not quite deep enough to be a rom-com (Annie and Jake clearly love each other) and not quite broad enough to be an ensemble piece. More important, it's not quite funny enough to distract viewers from its structural ambivalence. This leaves 'Marry Me' in something of the same predicament as its leads, which means it may have to spend the next few weeks running around trying to ‘fix' things.” PLUS: “Marry Me” starts full-throttle funny and doesn't let up, it unfortunately repeats the bad “Happy Endings” history, another rehash of rejected rom-com tropes, it”s that rare comedy that is actually funny, “Marry Me” lets Ken Marino not be an a-hole, Casey Wilson – from “SNL” reject to critical darling, and how creator David Caspe”s real life with Wilson wound up as a sitcom.

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