John Oliver Recaps Every Fireworks Display in America

07.07.14 3 years ago

In just three minutes, John Oliver successfully recapped every fireworks display in America. How did he do it? Simple: by not watching any fireworks and realizing it's a hilarious, intensely monotonous tradition that never changes every year. 

The “Last Week Tonight” host is charming when he mocks Roman candles, sparklers, and even the music that plays during most fireworks displays. I'm about ready to call it: “Last Week Tonight” is the best new show of 2014. It's a news parody that takes time to dwell on serious, feature-type topics and frivolous nuisances as well. You never know what direction the show's tone will take — whether grimly damning or lightly disparaging — and that makes for both surprising comedy and an engrossing viewing.

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